About Us

Newbury Data has been a manufacturer of high performance printers since 1974. 

Serial Matrix Printers

Between 1974 and 1999, Newbury Data manufactured industrial strength high performance serial dot matrix printers, including the very popular ND600 and ND800 series printers.

Thermal Ticket Printers

Newbury Data manufacturers ticket printers for desktop, kiosk & mobile printing solutions, utilising cut sheet, fanfold or roll feed media.
Since 2002, Newbury Data has been the industries leading manufacturer of revenue generating and compliance application ticket printers, where the demand for high performance and robustness in thermal printing and encoding bar code, magnetic and contactless tickets is essential. 

ND4020 UK Rail Ticket Printer

Newbury Data designed and manufactured the ND4020 in 2004, and soon became the standard for all desktop and kiosk point of sale and ticket collection applications, printing and encoding more than 1 billion coupons per year.

ND4025 Mobile Ticket Printer

Newbury Data designed and manufactured the ND4025 in 2008, to provide a mobile magnetic ticket printing solution, with option for supporting contactless tickets.

ND4800 : Intelligent Ticket Printers

The 3rd generation of high performance ticket printers, with the capability of supporting multiple media formats and encoding options in the same printer.

“The ND4800 Series platform supports the largest range of encoding media from the same printer.  Supplied with an easy to learn programming language and modular in design to simplify application development, service and support, the ND4800 series allows smart users and system integrators the printer to create and manage intelligent ticket applications”
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