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ITSO is the national Specification, or Standard, for smart ticketing.
The copyright for this is owned by The Crown in Great Britain.
The Specificaton was developed with the aim of ensuring that public transport operators throughout Great Britain can develop compatible smart ticketing systems.

That means that, where necessary or desirable, different operators’ smart ticketing systems can ‘talk’ to each other so that a passenger can use just one smart card no matter which operator is providing a service or what mode of transport they are using, rather than having to buy lots of different tickets or carry separate smartcards.

ITSO Ltd is a non-profit distributing organisation which:

  • Supports its members to set up and run ITSO-compliant smart ticketing schemes. The membership comes from national and local government in England, Scotland and Wales, transport operators, smart ticketing equipment and consultancy suppliers, and interested transport bodies and associations.
  • Tests and certifies smart ticketing equipment to ensure it meets the ITSO standards.
  • Ensures the ITSO Specification is up to date and fit for purpose, changing to meet new technical requirements.
  • Provides the back office security management system which enables ITSO-compliant smart ticketing systems to be set up (known as the ISMS or ITSO Security Management System). This system guarantees high security surrounding the data it processes.

ITSO is also the membership organisation (ITSO Ltd) which is Guardian of the Crown copyright for the ITSO Specification. The ITSO Board oversees the work of ITSO Limited and is made up of representatives from the different membership sectors.

Printers for ITSO Smart Ticket Applications

ND4030 for Mifare Ultralight low cost smart tickets and Mifare DesFire plastic cards

ND4800 for Mifare Ultralight low cost smart tickets

ITSO in Action: YorCard