PrePaid Cards

With the increased deployment and acceptance of payments by retailers with devices such as bank cards with contactless technology, the emergence of contactless prepaid cards offers marketing program managers the chance to offer low cost on demand contactless prepaid cards, including printing of additional marketing or personalised messages.

Contactless PrePaid cards include:

  • Retailer Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Reward Cards
  • Cash Back Incentives
  • Insurance Claim Payouts
  • Payroll

The typical cost for producing and distributing a traditional plastic prepaid card (those with smart chips, and embossed data) can range between £2.50-£5.00 per card, where as a paper contactless card (preprinted with the program managers details) printed and encoded/loaded with encrypted data to the contactless chip at time of requirement (on demand) could save as much as 85-90% per card.