ND4020 Magnetic Kiosk Ticket Printer


The Newbury Data ND4020 prints and encodes centre stripe position magnetic tickets, and has become the standard for UK rail applications. The desktop printer is suitable for Self Service Kiosk / Ticket Vending Machines (TVM’s) applications.


ND4800 Series

ND4800 Boxed Front View (web)

The ND4800 series printers offers the maximum flexibility in terms of application and media support from a single device, supporting cut sheet, fanfold or roll feed media, printing text and barcodes whilst encoding side or centre stripe magnetic or contactless tickets.

The 300 dots per inch (DPI) printhead provide superior print quality over competitive 203 dpi printers for barcode printing applications, enhancing scanning performance.

Supplied with an easy to learn programming language and modular in design to simplify service and support, the ND4800 series printers gives smart users and system integrators the technology to create and manage smarter ticketing applications.

Modular Design: The ND4800 series can be configured and reconfigured in many ways, either factory built or by Distributors or System Integrators at time of requirements.

Multiple Coding Options: The ND4800 series is designed to support numerous Barcode, Magnetic & Contactless applications simultaneously

Versatile Media Handling: The ND4800 series can be configured to support single or dual media handling, or none for validation/verification or top-up only applications.

Reusable Ticket Solution: Tickets can manually entered to Validate, Void, Top-up and Re-Print  Barcode, Contactless or Magnetic tickets